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Welcome to The Club

IMC Club, through its worldwide chapters, provides organized “hangar flying” focused on building proficiency in instrument flying. It’s the only organization of its kind.

Believing that safety and proficiency are developed through education and experience our monthly meetings use real world scenarios to engage our members and allow them to share and build their experience.

More about who we are

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Member Benefits

  • Monthly Chapter meetings – the "$3 Ground School"®, which puts you in real world decision making situations and provides a context for discussing instrument flying with other pilots.
  • A resource rich website featuring Safe Book, a listing of safety pilots; Knowledge Base, questions and answers about IMC flying; and much more
  • Inner Marker Circle
  • The “Brown Jacket” - Instr. Mastery Award
  • IMC News – electronic aviation news service
  • Join now - you will receive a complementary subscription to the IFR Magazine and IFR Refresher

Worldwide IMC Chapters

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IMC Club International is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization
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