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IMC Clubs - Membership Benefits

Welcome and Thank You for your interest in becoming an IMC Member! As a registered member, you join a group of your fellow devoted pilots, all dedicated to the art of instrument navigation.


At IMC, Membership is focused on instrument rated pilots and flight instructors. However, all interested pilots and students are welcome, especially those working toward an instrument rating.

Below are some of the privileges that are waiting for you to explore with your Membership. More sections and knowledge is added to our site on an ongoing basis as we experience continued growth. Become a member today and continue your journey in striving to be a safer and more proficient pilot with the opportunity to contribute your own experience to the pilot community.

"Brown Jacket" Award

A Brown (leather) special Flight Jacket is awarded annually to one outstanding General Aviation Instrument Pilot for his or her safety, proficiency and contributions in helping other pilots in their quest to “Master the Art of Instrument Navigation.” This recognition is a prestigious award similar to the “Green Jacket” award in professional golf. More info

Chapter Meetings

Our meetings put members in real world IFR decision making situations and provides a context for discussing instrument flying with other pilots. Our members enjoy the opportunity to share experiences and opinions in an informal setting. Chapters also offer other topics in their local meetings such as presentations on aviation law, insurance, weather, cross country flying and more.

The Inner Marker Circle Membership Group

The Inner Marker Circle members agree to fly one instrument approach per month in  airplane or a simulator. Besides the obvious safety benefits and the special membership status, as an “Inner Marker” member pilot you will also be automatically enrolled in a drawing for an IMC Club BrightLine Flight Bag and a $1000 Proficiency Scholarship to be awarded at the AirVenture in Oshkosh each year.

iFlight Planner

Plan and explore flight routes with seamless IFR/VFR aviation charts and true route rubber-banding on a Google Maps interface. View enroute aviation weather, including animated RADAR, color-coded, translated METARs and TAFs, TFRs and graphical AIR/SIGMETs. Retrieve certified weather briefs. Log flights info into your online logbook and more. More info here.

Aviation Knowledge Base - AskCFI

A library of questions and answers based on unique real life situations as presented by our pilot members. Questions submitted and not previously answered are routed to a Certificated Flight Instructor for an expert opinion. You can ask a professional flight  instructor 24/7  (via special e-mail address or on line) for advise about any aviation related subject, problem and/or question.

Monthly Presentation

Audiovisual monthly presentation for our members associated with a chapter that provides context for electronic discussion of instrument flying with other pilots.

Aviation Library

A virtual library of aviation related educational media. We have Audio and Visual Training presentations, books, documents, manuals, articles and more, with more being added on a continual basis.


SafeBOOK allows pilots to register, and/or search for instructors, safety pilots or airplane owners looking for a safety pilot.

Member Profile Network

Being a member of the IMC Club keeps you connected to fellow pilots though our membership profile data base. Each member has a Personal Profile which they can update and edit at any time. The profile contents can include your personal contact information with pictures, as well as, several fields used to describe yourself in the aviation world. For Members only. Some of the information you can include is: ratings held and year first licensed, affiliations and organizations, web site and description, your bio.


IMC Club programming provided by EAA IMC, LLC a subsidiary of the Experimental Aircraft Association