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IMC Clubs - Membership - Testimonials

“When people ask me why they should join IMC Club the first things that come to mind of course are the meeting content and website resources. These are unique and rich with practical information on how to be a safer, more proficient instrument pilot. Let’s not forget that what we offer is a platform for members to use and which greatly depends on their participation. For someone to find a safety pilot to fly with, we have to have someone else willing to be one. Joining the IMC Club should not be just about gaining access to all the tools that we create but it should be primarily about becoming a part of, and supporting, a group of pilots that believe in helping one another. But beyond the core of what we offer, here are reasons which some of our members have shared” - IMC Club President, Radek Wyrzykowski 

  • “It’s not often a new craze sweeps the aviation nation, but over the past couple of years just such a phenomenon has taken hold at airports large and small…” Robert Goyer, Flying Magazine, April 2013
  • “I spent many years as VFR-only pilot, and was very discouraged from pursuing the instrument rating. It seemed way too serious, something that the dull and boring pilots gravitated towards and then lectured me about in magazine articles. When I finally got my instrument rating I realized I’d made a huge mistake, it was a wonderful, fun, world-expanding thing. So for this reason, I like the way that IMC Clubs are.” - Adam Smith, senior vice president of the AOPA’s Center to Advance the Pilot Community.
  • "Membership in this club is a fashion statement, and a statement of instrument flying proficiency that goes above and beyond the minimum." – AOPA News, February 2013
  • "I am very happy to have found the IMC Club. I feel the monthly meetings, which I’ve been attending for over 2 years, have been very helpful in the preparation for my flying experience in weather. (…) It is the preparation of the meetings, talking with folks, listening to stories, and just absorbing a passion that does seem to exist. Hopefully it spreads well throughout the country (and world) as it is valuable…" - IMC Club Member
  • “GAMA is proud to be involved with the IMC Club and its proven method of promoting safe instrument flying operations and pilot currency. Every instrument rated pilot can benefit from these forums.” - GAMA president and CEO Pete Bunce.
  • "NAFI (National Association of Flight Instructors) is happy to help promote the goals of IMC Club and hopeful that members will find a potential source for new customers and help promote flight proficiency for local pilots," - Executive Director, Jason Blair.
  • "I share your desire to increase proficiency through hangar talk and mentoring. I depend on that myself and have concluded it is the greatest contributor to my ongoing learning. Can't wait for Oshkosh!" - Joe Brown, President and Chief Operating Officer of Hartzell Propellers.
  • “Our company is looking forward to (…) supporting the IMC Club’s initiatives to improve safety of general aviation pilots, especially those flying IFR.” - Charlie Gregoire, VP of Sales and Marketing for Redbird Flight Simulations
  • "By becoming a safer pilot I'm contributing in my own way to the overall safety of general aviation." - IMC Club Member
  • "IMC Club gives me a forum to share experiences I've gained over 15 years of GA flying. It's also a great place to learn from other pilots' experience." - IMC Club Member
  • “The IMC Club provides a means for pilots to receive ongoing coaching, training, and mentoring, which enables them to hone their skills and fly more safely in the system.” - Gary Oberstein, Partner in Nixon Peabody’s Boston office, Pilot, IMC Club Member
  • “We are pleased to be able to support The IMC Club International. Together we share a common goal of fostering safer instrument flying in general aviation.” - Matt Mathias, Marketing Director of Lightspeed Aviation
  • "By sponsoring an IMC Club chapter I bring local pilots together who are committed to a high level of flying proficiency, which in turn is great for my flight school." - IMC Club Member
  • "IMC Club is a great forum to discuss current aviation topics - anything from biofuels to glass cockpits to FAA policies to flight planning programs." - IMC Club Member
  • "0ne of the big benefits we find is social. Just getting folks together for organized hangar flying has brought more energy to our airport." - IMC Club Member


IMC Club programming provided by EAA IMC, LLC a subsidiary of the Experimental Aircraft Association

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